Dunedin Peninsular Vein consultancy

Meet your specialist team in Dunedin

Our vision for you

  • The Dunedin-based team at Vein Consultancy is dedicated to providing a uniquely specialised and comprehensive assessment, accurate diagnosis and best-practice treatments for patients with refluxing superficial venous disease in the lower limbs.
  • Our goal is to optimally treat the current venous issues to primarily alleviate the symptoms, whilst usually also improving cosmetic appearances. 
  • Best results are obtained through individually tailored treatment plans, which often use a combination of therapies.


  • Our process of managing chronic venous insufficiency of your lower limbs involves the following pathway:
  1. Obligation-free vein assessment.
  2. Detailed ultrasound mapping.
  3. Initial treatment.
  4. Follow-up consultations for 12 months after the initial treatment.   
  • Being based locally in Dunedin means that we are available at short notice to assess you if you encounter issues during your treatment period of 12 months.
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Dr Amy Fong, MB, BS, FRANZCR

Vein Doctor (Phlebologist)

After obtaining her medical degree from the University of Melbourne, Australia, Dr Amy Fong completed training as a radiologist in Dunedin, New Zealand in 2005. She has developed subspecialist interest in imaging of the head and neck region, breast tissues, and eyes, as well as technical skills in CT and US image guided procedures. These skills have contributed to her passion in managing refluxing or varicose superficial venous disease of the lower limbs. She is a keen educator, teaching medical students and registrars, and maintains an active participation in continuing professional development.

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Dr Peter Abcarian, MD, ABR, Educational Affiliate RANZCR

Vein Doctor (Phlebologist)

Dr Peter Abcarian hails from the US where he obtained his medical degree from Dartmouth Medical School in Hanover, New Hampshire followed by an internal medicine internship at St Mary’s Hospital and Medical Center in San Francisco. He completed his training as a diagnostic and interventional radiologist at UC San Francisco before joining a hospital based practice in Honolulu, Hawaii where he honed his skills over the next 3 decades, performing a mix of diagnostic radiology and imaging-guided surgical procedures. He relocated to Dunedin during the pandemic and is passionate about treating and helping people with venous disorders.

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Natalie Davis, RN

Vein Nurse

Natalie Davis gained her registered nursing qualification in 2005. She has worked as a nurse in many departments, developing a special interest in the mental health area over the years. Since 2018, she has assisted in treating chronic venous insufficiency of the lower limbs, including providing microsclerotherapy treatment. Her kind and easy-going manner allows her to put patients at ease. She obtains and provides vital information at the obligation-free consultations. Her mapping records are accurate. Her skills in assisting with the treatment procedures make her an invaluable member of the team.  

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Gillian Edgar, NDMDI, DMU

Vein Sonographer 

Gillian Edgar qualified as a radiographer in 1990 and then completed her sonography training in 1999. In 2016, she added the specialty of venous imaging of the lower limbs to her accredited sonography skills. She offers proficient technical and specialised skills in using ultrasound equipment for diagnostic and treatment purposes.  Gillian has an eye for detail, an ability to communicate effectively with patients, and follows industry standards and best practices. She is enthusiastic and eager to collaborate with her colleagues to achieve positive results for patients with symptoms from refluxing superficial veins.